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01- wedding cake
02- temporary states
03- clones
04- what you came for
05- beach song
06- hitchhiker's guide
07- spaghetti streetwalker
08- amicus
09- dear liz
10- joss whedon's angel
11- endless afternoons
12- annie dan
13- southern california
14- blood on the frets
15- acetate

about the show:

dave lowensohn civiced into pittsburgh on national weed day as part of the 'samantha and dave' u.s. tour. 

the sphinx cafe is a majestic church-turned-byob-hookah-bar in the middle of the u. pitt student ghetto.  folks drove hours through the mountians from states away on a monday to witness half of the new-canonical speechwriters llc make his highly anticipated pittsburgh debut.

samantha murphy was sidelined in washington with an unconfirmed case of swine flu, so (after a fucking rad opening set from bill and mike of akrasia) dave took the stage solo for two sets of righteous acousticty.

afterwards, we hit the town. we did whip-its on the incline, started a fight at the O, and smoked a bong made out of a cantaloupe on the 38th floor of the cathedral of learning with strippers.

in the morning, dave made pancakes for me, crystal, cherry, and raven, adjusted his fedora and hit the road for parts east, promising that one day-
he would return.

about the recording:

the files are 320 mp3s.  the source file was recorded as mp3, so converting them to lossless flac seemed facetiously unnecessary.  slightly larger 'cover art' can be found by clicking on the graphic. 

it's a raw soundboard rip captured by the notorious ikey- a recalcitrant hunk of plastic too cheap to feature any sort of interface to know if levels are cool, if both channels are picking up, if it's even working etc.  some necessary adobe audition magic was worked to correct the levels and channeling.  inbetweensong space, banter, and crowd noise are clipped out for fellow ADDers. the songs are presented more as individual pieces in context rather than a continuous live experience.

being a soundboard rip, you miss the ambiance and the room vibe; the first rows in front of the stage sound far away and the rest of the room doesn't register at all.  that said, the result is a beautiful, shimmery, intimate recording of an incredible, vastly underrated songwriter and performer. 

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All lyrics and music copyright 2001-2009 Speechwriters LLC.